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Money Hours

With that title you may already know where I am heading. It's a very simple concept that my mentor taught me a long time ago.

1. There are 24 hours in one day.

2. Generally from 9am-5pm (in your time zone) is when most people expect business calls, texts or visits. These are nicknamed the "Money Hours". It's when people do business. Corporations, Churches, Banks are open and available.

3. This leaves 16 remaining hours for the rest of your work and life's duties such as eat, sleep, hobbies, hygiene and most importantly family.

So what's my point? As a Brand Ambassador there is busy work associated with staying organized, following process and meeting expectations. If you are a part time BA then your use of time and "being at the right place at the right time" hinges on you allocating some of the "Money Hours" to making new contacts or addressing existing clients.

time management
Can any of this wait until later?

Here's an example:

Let's say you have a full time job now. Your normal lunch hour is spent at the local Mexican restaurant eating and having fun with your co-workers. Are you willing to sacrifice a little for great reward?

If so here's an idea:

On the night before work get a call list together of 10-20 new contacts.

Also make your self a lunch that you can take or if you like to eat out...find a restaurant with wifi thats quiet and set up camp.

Either way, during your lunch hour, if you made 10 introductory calls you will have 50 new introductions for the week.

If you did this 40 out of the 52 weeks in a year that would be 2,000 introductions before any other time or effort is put in.

Of the 2,000 if 3% of those gave you an opportunity to price a project, you will have created 60 new projects potentials.

Of those 60 if 25% of those were awarded and completed you will have 15 commissionable projects in process. On average commissions range from $1,500 on up. That means that sacrificing you lunch break could minimally reward you $22,500.00.

***The way to complete 10 calls in hour is to call to introduce yourself and to gain contact info for the person in charge of Audio, Video or Tech Systems. Try to stay in control of the conversation, but don't cut it short. If you only get a contact (phone or email or both) then you decide the most efficient time to respond. If you just have an email. Put it on hold and continuing calling new prospects. Later in the evening, when your life's duties have all gone to bed, spend another hour or so emailing the new contacts and then email update your Director. Any of the busy work should be handled after hours.***

Leave the "Money Hours" for calls and getting yourself in the door. I wish you the best of luck and mind blowing prosperity.

Be a Lion! -Devon

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